EZVIZ-How To Adjust The Image Setting Of Your EZVIZ Device Using The EZVIZ Studio




  • Hassan ElSharif


    I tried the above steps exactly, but no success.

    Ezviz Studio Verison 2.0.4
    Camera C3W

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  • Gillian Lockie

    It would appear that in previous versions of Ezviz Studio, there was an 'Advanced' button which allowed camera settings to be altered, which I am informed by multiple reviewers, could improve the picture, (which currently does not look as good as I was led to believe). I am now informed that I need to be fluent in 'computer Klingon' to be able to access this - REALLY! I have tried to follow the gobbledegook instructions, (while worrying that my laptop would cease to work if I delved into its guts). Non of it made any sense, or achieved anything, other than having to delete Ezviz Studio and start again. Presumably 99.9% of your customers just have to now just put up with the default settings then do they? Time wasted and cross of Southbourne. Please advise!

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  • Mohammad Benyamin

    I already try with C3W and C4WN, the advance button already show up but not function, why???

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