My device has no audio?




  • Jen Spen

    Thank you! That ended up being the issue with mine, it must’ve automatically switched after update.

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  • Arlee Del Rosario

    i did that but when i go back to the cam the sound and IR turns off by itself. what to do?

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  • Valentin Ionescu

    Good evening,

    I have the same problem and i couldn't fix it:

    - The model that i have has a microphone, and i can hear the sound on the laptop
    - On the phone is muted from the start and i can't hear anything
    - I tried to find the sound option in the settings of the camera but is nowhere to be found. 
    - This happened after the last update of the app. Is there a way to install a previous version of the app? This one is really not ok. 

    I'm waiting for an answer.


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