How to configure RTSP stream?




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    Mobile app 

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    Check out the videos on how to do this at this link

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    Answered most of your questions on how to save on your computer 

    Check out this video

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  • 김형준

    4. input the device local IP address, device username and password in the format below

    EXAMPLE: rtsp://admin: device verification code@device IP address on the LAN : --------

    model name : CS-CV206


    i entered this code, but can not operating

    how can i solve this problem?

    please, reply as soon as possible 


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  • harjeet singh


      I am using rstp link to access the camera using python progarm on some embedded system.

    It works fine, but I have an issue.

    some times EZVIZ C3W repeat the frames, it menas it shows same image over and over again with same time stamp on image. I checked the wifi signal strength but signal strenght is good.

    Is there any rstp command to check the connection between camera and embedded system in auto mode, i do not want to be present to check connections, is connection lost my program will re-establish the connection.

    Is there any rstp command to enable buzzer and light on camera C3W.

    Is there any other useful rstp command for IP cameras.

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